Disney brought film buffs to the legend of Mulan, though she was already a huge deal in Chinese literature. The tale of a warrior's daughter dressing as a person and preventing in her unwell father's place is a timeless bit of badassery and female power, and it is generally accepted that Mulan was a real character who certainly did all these items. But the proof is scarce to say the least.

The book Chinese Shadow Theatre: History, Popular Religion, and Women Warriors mentions Mulan may've been a made-up determine, based totally in element on Wei Huahu, an actual female warrior from historical China. It's unknown, however, if Huahu ever fought in men's apparel. As for Mulan herself, the earliest known connection with Mushu's massive pal become in an historic ballad as it should be titled "The Battle of Mulan." But the track would not specify while she lived, gives few info of the actual battles she fought, and didn't provide a full call for her out of doors of "Mulan." It's that sort of vagueness that makes you go hmmmm.

Then there is a text called Lienü zhuan translated as Exemplary Women of Early China, written via Liu Xiang round 18 BC, and full of over one hundred twenty biographies of well-known ladies from historical China. Mulan, notwithstanding supposedly being a primary deal, has no biography. Granted, she supposedly lived numerous hundred years after Xiang first published his e-book, however there may be a phase at the quit for "supplemental biographies." No one has ever added Mulan, despite the fact that what she did changed into pretty exemplary certainly.

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