Ramin Rahimian: Istanbul

Image Copyright © Ramin Rahimian-All Rights Reserved

Ramin Rahimian's slideshow on Istanbul starts with a quote from Alphonse de Lamartine: "If one has but one glance to give the world, one should gaze at Istanbul". How true.

However if you expect to see skyline of Istanbul, its beautiful mosques and other architectural wonders, you'll be disappointed. Ramin's work is of the documentary style, and it's beautifully edgy.

Ramin was born in Iran and grew up in northern California. He started taking photojournalism seriously at UC Berkeley and currently freelances out of Salt Lake City in Utah. He worked for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and freelances for thee New York Times, Reuters, ZUMA and has gleaned many awards.

His website has interesting other photo essays which I encourage you to see. The one titled Boomtown is particularly powerful...but for TTP, I chose Ramin's view of Istanbuli life, and also chose this photograph because of its colors and shadow play.

Ramin Rahimian's Istanbul

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