NY Times: Protests in Pakistan

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The New York Times brings us a multimedia feature on the current protests in Pakistan against the imposition of martial law by the government of General Pervez Musharraf.

Today's editorial is quite strongly worded (for a change): "The general, Pakistan’s president, justified his crackdown as a defense against Islamic militants, but his desperate and reprehensible actions — suspending the constitution, rounding up judges, beating and jailing lawyers and journalists — will embolden extremists. They will also fuel anger and mistrust among Pakistani moderates. "

A comment from a reader on the NY Times' website sees it this way : “The problem is not Musharraf’s dictatorship. It’s the American interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs”.

The photograph above is probably the best of the feature. The slideshow includes a verbal report by reporter David Rohde from Islamabad.

The NY Times' Protests in Pakistan

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