Kate Holt: Bangladesh

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Kate Holt's first solo trip was to Romania, following the fall of Ceausescu in 1991, and may have shaped her career. News of the horrific conditions in which Romania's unwanted children were being kept were in the British headlines and she decided to see what she could do to help. Her year working in Romania's orphanages had a profound effect on her and she returned many times to help.

She turned to journalism and photojournalism, and traveled to Bosnia in the wake of the war and on to Albania to document the refugees who flooded over the border from Kosova in 1999. She also spent over a year uncovering the exploding sex slave trade - young girls trafficked from Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine who were bought and sold as commodities.

Kate works as both an investigative reporter and photographer, and returns to Africa and the Balkans frequently. She combines this with photographing for NGO's, helping to publicise their work through articles, lectures and exhibitions.

Reminscent of my own work on the widows of India, I chose to feature Kate's work in Bangladesh, which focuses on the elderly in this impoverished nation. Her website also list the various charities and NGOs she works for, as well as their websites.

Kate Holt's Bangladesh's Elderly

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