Heather McClintock: Uganda

Image Copyright © Heather McClintock-All Rights Reserved

Heather McClintock received her photography degree from the New England college in NH, and relocated to New York City. Seeking a deeper connection to humanity by documenting humanitarian work, her passion for recording human condition was fulfilled in Northern Uganda.

She focused on the Acholi people, proud and resilient, but brutalized by the 20 years of horrific civil war. The Acholi children in particular have endured traumatizing treatment, and are in dire need for assistance. Hopefully Heather's photographs have and will resonate with as many people as possible to make the Acholi's lives better.

Her work in Uganda has earned Heather well deserved recognition through numerous awards and publications.

A remarkable photographer...I urge you to explore all of her portfolios.

Heather McClintock's Acholi People

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