Per-Anders Pettersson: South Africa

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Per-Anders Pettersson is a Swedish photojournalist, who tells us that he's a a photojournalist of the old generation and that he was never been just interested in photography or photography as an art, and that his main aim is not about capturing the most outstanding or award-winning images but to understand the story and to capture it fairly and with respect.

He started his career by covering major stories around the world for the likes of Stern, Geo and Newsweek, and now lives in Cape Town and New York where he is contracted to Getty Images. He has gained several international awards for his work. His desire to document the survival of people in hardship zones has taken him to more than 50 countries over the past 16 years.

His most well-known work, In Transition, is a 10-year project to capture life in South Africa, has won him awards and been exhibited at Perpignan’s Visa Pour L’image.

Per-Anders Pettersson's In Transition

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