Jonathan Hanson: Mexican Life

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Jonathan Hanson worked for the Santa Fe Workshops after attending graduate school for commercial photography at Ohio University. In Santa Fe he he worked with photographers Jay Maisel and Arthur Meyerson who influenced his eye for color and light. He then moved to San Miguel in Mexico where he studied Spanish and Mexican culture. This paved the way for his skill with the use of bold color, composition and the subtleties of body language.

As TTP readers probably know by now, I like highly saturated colors in photographs, photographs with a lot of shadows and I always try to introduce motion blur in images that need it's not a surprise that I chose Hanson's photograph of this yellow and black street scene for this post.

Hanson's website is flash-based, and his Mexican Life portfolio is "filed' under Essays. Another great photograph with shadows is the one with turquoise and pink walls and cotton candy.

Jonathan Hanson

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