Gary Knight: EOS-1D Mark III

In June, VII Photo photographer Gary Knight travelled to Israel, Jordan and northern Iraq on assignment for Newsweek magazine. He used an EOS-1D Mark III throughout and spoke to Canon Professional Network about his experiences.

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Gary in Indonesia a couple of years back, so I wasn't surprised to read his conclusion on the EOS-1D Mark III was succint and to the point... "This camera just works.” I'm pretty certain that if the camera "works" for Gary it'll "work" for everyone. Since it's a Canon marketing blurb, there's no mention of the auto-focus issue...but other than that, it works.

I much prefer reading reviews on cameras or lenses from working photographers, rather than lenghty techo-heavy reviews that magazines and websites seem to relish. I was somewhat surprised that Gary wasn't that thrilled by the fast frame per second (10 fps) of the Mark III.

Read Part 1 of Gary's take on the EOS-1D Mark III

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