CS Monitor: A Village in Ghana

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Although the northern Ghanian village of Wantugu has high-tension power lines in place since 2000, its people are still lacking one key element: electricity flowing through those wires and into village homes. For most people in developed countries, living without electricity is unthinkable, but in Wantugu it is the norm, rather than the exception.

Even without electric power, the 3,500 inhabitants of this rural farming community are active after dark, with young people get together to study English homework or the Qu'ran, while others gather to watch a film on the only TV in the village.

The feature is photographed and reported by Peter DiCampo, who has used the Soundslides quite effectively. You'll see that he's effectively created motion in some of the pictures of the Ghanaians' dance (two-thirds into the feature) by adding virtually identical photographs of a dance scene and keeping the time delay between these to the minimum of a second... using the same flip-book technique I used in The Dancing Monks of Prakhar slideshow. I also liked the audio soundtrack that accompanies DiCampo's slideshow.

Here's CS Monitor's Wantugu village

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