Chris Ramirez: Trinidad

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Chris Ramirez is a New York-based photographer whose pictures are seen on the pages of The New York Times, most notably the Travel section where Chris has done over 15 cover stories in the past 5 years. He has traveled extensively, from the northernmost points in United States to Europe and throughout the Caribbean, which has become one of his favorite corners of the globe. He has been a faculty member at the Eddie Adams Photography Workshop since 1999, where as a team producer, he produces 10 stories annually to be photographed by students and presented at the workshops final slide show.

He recently photographed in Trinidad and, along with reporter Sam Sifton, experienced one of the great eating towns in the Caribbean, the greatest of the Lesser Antilles, and the fount of some of the finest rum in the world. This multimedia reportage is about culinary tourism: combining photography with the food and wine industry...and is a rapidly expanding genre in the travel photography industry.

NY Times' Multimedia on Tasting Trinidad

NY Times' Article on A Culinary Pilgrimage on an Island of Contrasts

Chris Ramirez's website

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